Pork Belly    20k

150 gr. of deep fried pork belly, sweet potato, Peruvian "sarsa criolla" (onions, lime and cilantro) and yellow chili mayo

Pastrami    20k

150 gr. of cured and smoked beef chuck, pickled cabbage, mayo and mustard

Chicken Schnitzel    14.5k

150 gr. of chicken, pickled cabbage, pickles, American cheese and chipotle mayo

Portobello    17k

pickled portobello, carrot, lettuce, tomato, pickles, yogurt and mayo

Grilled Cheese    12k

melted gouda and gruyere, tomato and butter

Burger single / double patty    14.5k / 18k

150 gr. / 250 gr. of beef, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, American cheese and mayo

Pork Shoulder    16.5k

150 gr. of pork shoulder (Boston butt), arugula, caramelized onions, mayo and mustard

Club Sandwich    20k

150 gr. of chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and club sauce

Seasonal special

ask for its description and price.

* All our breads and sauces are made in-house.


"Richie" Fries    7.5k

with bacon, mayo and chimichurri

French Fries    4.5k

Arracacha Chips    4.5k

Beef empanada    3k

knife-cut beef filling

Corn-off-the-cob    7.5k

corn kernels, fresh cheese, mayo and house hot sauce

Falafel serving    7.5k

6 garbanzo croquettes


Bacon    4k

Egg    1.5k

American cheese    1.5k

House ham    5k

100 gr. of pork shoulder ham


Sugar cane and lemon beverage    3.5k

Regular or sparkling water    4k

Soft drinks    4k

Póker beer    4.5k

Club Colombia beers    5k

13 Pesos beers    9.5k / 10.5k

Gin & tonic    15k

Contact Info.

Cra. 9 No. 69 - 10, Bogotá, D.C.

731 2177 - 321 987 0087


Opening Hours

M-Sat.:  12 m - 9.30 pm  /  Sundays and holidays: 12 m - 5 pm

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